Luminxa WiFi Settings

WiFi Settings

Setting name Description
Network Name The name (SSID) of your home WiFi
Network password The password of your home WiFi
Static IP An optional static IPv4 address
Static gateway In a static config, your gateway’s IPv4 address
Static subnet In a static config, this normally is
mDNS address Name of your device for the Bonjour/Zeroconf protocol
Try connecting… How many seconds to try at boot to connect to home WiFi
Client IP The current IP of the ESP in the home network
AP SSID The name of the ESPs internal WiFi hotspot (Access Point)
Hide AP name The ESPs Access Point won’t appear in WiFi lists of other devices
AP password The password of the ESPs WiFi Access Point
AP WiFi channel The 2.4G WiFi band of the AP. For advanced users
AP IP The Access Point IPv4 address of the ESP (should always be