Luminxa LED Settings

LED Settings

Setting name Description
LED count How many LEDs are in your WS2812B strip (max. 600 for ESP32)
4-channel LEDs (RGBW) Support for SK6812 LEDs with white channel
Auto-calculate white Get white channel from RGB
Apply preset Which preset to load at boot (presets can be saved via the “heart” tab in the UI)
Default RGB Standard color at startup
Default brightness How bright the LEDs are by default
Default white Only applies if you got an RGBW strip
Default effect ID Which effect to have by default
Default effect speed The speed of the effect animation
Default effect intensity How strong the effect is. Only used by a few effects
Default secondary RGB(W) A secondary color that is used in many effects
Ignore and use current … Ignore all “Default” fields and set the boot default to the current light state
Apply preset cycle… The current preset cycle configuration will be used as boot default
Turn on after power up Whether the lights should turn on after a reset
Use Gamma for brightness Will correct brightness changes to make it appear more linear. Advised to leave off
Use Gamma for color Will correct colors to match those on a monitor. Strongly advised to keep on
Brightness factor Factor to change master brightness if it is to dim/bright for a certain configuration
Fade Transition Whether to have a smooth fading transitional effect when changing colors/brightness
Transition delay How many milliseconds the transition lasts
Timed light duration How long the nightlight should stay on
Target brightness What brightness the light should have after time is over
Fade down Gradually fades down the light over the duration instead of turning it off at the end
Reverse LED order Mirrors the LEDs (last LED is first)
Init LEDs after WiFi Enable legacy boot, LEDs turn on after connection
WARLS offset How many LEDs the direct UDP input should be shifted
Skip first LED Will turn off 1st LED and shift the remaining by 1 (1st LED used as a signal repeater)